Friday, April 17, 2009

Garret Mountain the #1 Migrant Hot-Spot

Ask any Birder in the northeast particularly New Jersey Birders if they had only 1 Spring Migration Hot -Spot for the last week of April through the First two weeks of May it would most likely be Garret Mountain, nestled in the Watchung Mountain range overlooking lovely Paterson New Jersey.

Bill Elrick can give long testimonial about Garret for Quality Spring migrants along with Quantity with the likes of some of the more Rare species such as Mourning Warbler Cerulean and others passing through.

If interested Bill is an experienced guide with a number of great Birding locations notched in his belt, if you are looking for a guide
here is his site.


Jerry Jourdan said...

Terrific shot of the Carolina Wren, Kevin! Congrats!

Kevin said...

Thanks Jerry I figured out a good Pattern with these guys.

dAwN said...

Great photo! I am still working on my digascoping skills.
Someday I will get to that hotspot!

Kevin said...

Thanks Dawn I still have to work on my Warblers!