Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mid Day Hot and Humid capture"s

I am still trying to figure out my flaws with my last month or so of captures I think I lost a little of my Flickr fan base as one viewer pointed out my photos are not as good as they used to be Hmm. Can it be my editing skills are lacking? or my composition ? Or equipment flaws.
Maybe Humid conditions along with heat distortion, which leaves me puzzled and concerned considering all the passion I put into the art AM I WASTING MY TIME!!!
I am at the point were I thought a break would do me good which it did not, cause I feel I am in the same boat as before with my captures lacking in some way I feel.
Don"t get me wrong folks I'm not looking for an ego boost or pampering, just to find an answer to my dilemma and to get back on track, I put to much of my Heart into this to just roll over and fold.


Jerry Jourdan said...

There'll be no rolling over! You've hit a dry spell like the rest of us do from time to time. Wait until the humidity drops at the end of Aug and the skies clear. Juvenile shorebirds will also provide plenty of digiscoping opps at the local mud hole. Keep shooting!

dAwN said...

Everyones a critic these days...Too bad some have to be so harsh. I am an amateur digiscoping and find I learn allot coming to your blog and looking at your photos, and seeing how you take them.
There are so many people out there..some taking better some taking worse I suppose..
Who cares what someone else thinks.
Do you think your photos are lacking?
Do you use photoshop to enhance or make them look Mike is doing these days?
I have never tried photoshop..nor do i think I would take the time..
i just point,shoot and leave then if the photo is ok I put it on the blog.....
Anyway good luck with finding a solution.
i enjoy your blog..and dont care what someone else says.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the different aspects guys I hopefully get over spell.

S.C.E. said...

Don't worry, your photos still look great.

If you're into bird photography August often sucks big time in the temperate Northern Hemisphere..... in Japan it's dull/hazy and humid and I think it may be the same where you are...