Monday, August 10, 2009

The P6000"s RAW ability

I'm all about shooting in RAW but 1 frame at a time is a little to much with the P6000"s RAW ability. TIME CONSUMING!!!

I would like to talk about improving the P6000 in my mind here is my list.

1. Being able to shoot RAW in continuous mode
2. When using the self timer have it shoot 5 frames instead of only 1 frame
3. To shoot with the remote in continuous mode

In continuation that would make the Nikon P6000 a Jem of a P&S for Digiscoping not that there is something wrong with it of course the P6000 reigns over the other P&S cameras that are on the market with its ED glass and fast Autofocus.

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S.C.E. said...

Canon have introduced a new compact camera with RAW........ might be just the ticket............