Saturday, March 20, 2010

New first of the year Birds

Went to Hackensack Meadowlands DeKorte park, just a note do to the floods Disposal road is the only access Birding area ,all of the creek trails are closed do to the floods.

This Boat Tailed Grackle was well North of his range at a 200 feet distance
Also there were plenty of Killdeers setting up on territory in the area.

Along with plenty of lovely American Tree Swallows staging nest Boxes along with sparing with each other.
And not to forget White Crowned Sparrows adults and Juveniles cranking up there testosterone's .


S.C.E. said...

Beautiful light on the Martin............I won't be seeing any hirundines for a few weeks yet.........

Nick Bonomo said...

Hi Kevin,
Just curious about your current digiscoping setup. I'm thinking about upgrading my scope to the 883 and was wondering what you think the best digiscoping combo is.


Kevin said...

Thanks Stu were loaded with them now.

Nick the Canon Powershot S90 is the best cam out there now but the only catch is there are no Filter threads
so you would have to use either the Kowa-TSN-D3 or D4 with the Kowa TSN-883 to complete the connection.

Nick Bonomo said...

Thanks much Kevin! I may be able to get a used Nikon P6000 for a good price. Which connectors/adapters would I need for that camera...and this big question: is it a good camera for the 883?

Nick Bonomo said...

Thanks Kevin. Have you tried to make a homemade adapter for the S90 to your Kowa?