Saturday, June 23, 2012

Working with adverse backlit conditions

Yes I should have been there yesterday or the weather man said bright and Sunny today,, lately I can throw that Weatherman to the Dogs, considering the morning's in the Summer I usually have to compete with Haze,Humidity,dust and Fog and by the time that burns off the Sun in the morning is way to high for optimal Digiscoping conditions especially June though most of July when we have more daylight in the east.

So on my latest outing trying to update my Prairie and Blue Winged Warbler collection that just happened but I made the best of it and adjusted by overriding my ex poser when the perch was facing the white cloudy background or bring up my ISO levels when the Birds had more of a green background from the plentiful Cedar trees and mountains in the area, I also had to work with my editing ability's to fine tune my captures as punching up the brightness along with white balance adjustment along with a few other tricks .

This Prairie Warbler is an example before and after editing.

You can see it is very flat in color and other infractions I felt that could be addressed.  

And here is the finished product,it seems to pop a bit more form added vibrance and selective color .

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