Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cape May Lapland Longspur

At the Cape May Fall Birding Weekend myself and Jim Danzenbacker located a Lapland Longspur feeding on one of the many Jetty's in the area ,, It was double excitement for me with Digiscoping and viewing as a lifer, so I gave my 884/Panasonic GX1/20mm1.7 quite a work out.

Since Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on many of the coastal community's on the Jersey Shore I had to scramble to get some decent pics before the overcast demon shows face, along with having the festival cut one day short.So I headed up to the point for some Yellow Rumps with my 884/SonyRX-100 captures, I am really starting to love this Camera with 20 mega pixs of high resolution detail, To demonstrate to true potentional of the Sony the last to captures were not really downsized for viewing the wonderful detail



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