Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mid Winter Doldrums

In the Mid Winter I should be just Birding or chasing some of the Rarity's that have been sighted around the state ,,a Pink Footed Goose in Ocean County along with Lazuli Bunting in Hunterdon  County,, but call me lazy ,I would rather stick around the Local nature center with my Trusty Kowa 884 very close to the back entrance so I can warm up between Battery changing which the Frigid weather is famous for draining .

Red Breasted Nuthatches are a cool subject which eluded me for some time now but I did get one fairly close on a steep upward angle.

The Juncos were a bit skittish and it was trying to get one out in the open was a challenge.

On a tech note Dan from Idaho posted an extender he made out of maple wood for the Vortex PS-100 so the Nikon V1 along with some of the other bigger P&S and mirror-less Cams can fit on the adapter here is the link to the picture of the extender he constructed. 

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