Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photoshop away to Vingnetting

Herring Gull
Originally uploaded by kevinbolton56
Hello all

Vignetting to me me at times is like running your fingers down a blackboard and ten some!But we have hope folks , with using the magic lasso and some of the Blur filters in Photoshope I eliminated I would say 98% of the Vignetting on this Herring Gull ,one thing it is a bit of a time consuming project ,some of my photos are best at wide angle on my Nikon Coolpix cameras which make Vignetting more prevalent.

I will enclose a before and after shot.

P.S I now eliminate the vignetting with the cloning tool on Photoshop elements
much less tedious.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Barnegat Bay and the P6000

Hello all

I had a chance to Bird and Digiscope one of my favorite Haunts Barnegat Bay with my Kowa 883 88mm and Nikon P6000, for starts this camera is primo as far as the color being right on along with the contrast and focus, one note on the cameras settings for saturation ,contrast, sharpening, I set it on normal so the cameras so called brain does not tinker around this way for adjustments I use Photoshop 6 in my post-processing.

Check out this Purple Sandpipers fine feather detail/who knows maybe my P5100 has to go into early retirement?Or my Daughters hands.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shooting in RAW

Tufted Titmouse
Originally uploaded by kevinbolton56
I had a chance to mess around the RAW feature on the P6000 although shooting in RAW only lets you process one file or a Fine Quality shot along with a Raw shot other wise the Photoshop plug-in I had to download for the RAW has some cool features and it is helping me understand what RAW actually is.

This Titmouse was RAW processed then converted to JPEG to be downloaded to Flickr.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nikon P6000

Yesterday I tested the P6000 on a Dog about 40 feet in distance, the first thing I noticed is that the pitch is on the money with the URE-21 adaptor coupling with the KOWA 43 mm adaptor ring which is good for it being on center un-like the URE-20,also the the image sensor was designed for SLR cameras which will be a plus for better image quality which has been a downfall for P&S cameras in the past.

One thing Inoticed with the P6000 is that it takes a tad bit more optical zoom to get rid of any Vignetting in which the amount isn't to bad, I enclosed some camera comparison shots with the 5100&6000 check out the larger LCD on the 6000 which is a plus and how much bigger is the URE-21 adaptor.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

SLR Digiscoping

This wonderful sharp Mallard capture was taken by ~kmichaelshea with a Canon 440D through a Zeiss Diascope 85T FL.
Im truly impressed with Kevins captures with this set-up as I am with Mike McDowells Nikon 8400 Digiscoping combo.

What"s the future have in store for Digiscoping?
possibly combos simular to Kev's, when the Point & Shoot legacy fades away.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nikon P6000 UR-E21 adaptor


Man after two weeks of extensive searching I finally located a Camera retail store that is carrying conversion lens adaptor the URE-21 the couples the 42mm Kowa adaptor ring to the TSN10-DCA , even Nikon had a job locating a store in Long Island N.Y that happens to have 15!!
Watch once it arrives at my door all the other stores will get item in stock what can ISay you snooze you loose, O,boy for a lousy $29 ,
Call me fanatic yes/ Call me obsessed yes /I'm only trying to deliver the best fine feather detail and sharpness with my captures. right now the Nikon P5100 is a wonderful camera but I do have issues with the off pitch in the threads of the URE-20 connecting with the Kowa adaptor ring leading to be a bit off center rendering thee 20x60zoom eyepiece almost useless for Digiscoping without alot of fiddling around .

So hopefully the P6000 adaptor will correct the problem , also I would like to check out the P6000's RAW feature