Friday, January 30, 2009

Hackensack River Cormorants

Great Comorant
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One of my favorite jaunts close to home for Great Cormorant is a Boat yard in Little Ferry N.J on the Hackensack River, at this spot one always stakes out a certain pilon year after year, the location is consitant with closer views than other locations , this Great Com was about 130 feet from my scope also resting on the other Pilons were Double Crested Cormorants both adult and Imm.

One other thing to mention the adjacnt shore line during low tide is good for Bald Eagles along with a number of Gullspecies feeding on the dead or dying Fish.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P5100 Re-Done

Sanderling 2
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Hello I am going through my older files and redoing with CS4-Photoshop also starting to use my P5100 again .

The reason for the P5100 Im trying better lighting angles to improve my captures, the last to Cardinal captures on my Flickr page were taken with the P5100 and for some reason I caught some great lighting at ISO 64 which I think is the key with that paticular Camera.

The Northern Cardinal and Sanderling captures were taken with the Nikon P5100/Kowa 883 Prominar 25 LER eyepiece.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Photoshop CS4

It was great to upgrade from Elements to PhotoshopCS4!
Elements is a fine program but but know comparison to CS4,
don't get me wrong it is always good when the base photo that comes out of your camera un-touched via Photoshop but editing is great for enhancing, Photoshop should not be used in my eyes to repair a totally Hellish Photo with tons of over sharpening an easy mistake made by me in the beginning.
I still have to do alot of studying on the program to make the best use of it .and what a perfect time during the Cold season.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Less Glare = More Images

That is correct sir!! Less Glare = More Images, When I first stated Digiscoping I did not no about the electronic viewfinder only found on the Nikon 8400 I thought all P&S Digicams had the 2 inch plus LCD, so it came to after the beginning Digiscoping Buzz worn off I said how can I get rid of the Sun-Glare the was plaguing me once the Sun hit that certain angle, well I tried a Towel over my head VERY HOT!! Also a wide brimmed hat, cupping my hands, I felt something can be done to eliminate this problem and by surfing the Flickr Digiscoping groups equipment sec, I checked out Joaquin Graves Set-up which happened to be a Cheap slide Viewer Rubber banded around the LCD of his camera, so I went to a local Photo store and picked one up for about $3:50 of course a little modification was needed which I will explain.

The two pics above shows a before and after pic, first thing is to buy LCD protectors which will thwart scratches from everyday use.

On the before slide-viewer take a pliers and cut the bottom lip off to make an even square then buy some window adhesive and stick it on the four corners of the slide viewer this ensures that you will not scratch your LCD it is just a little added protection.

I use the cameras strap to harness it against my screen , but on other camera models you might have to make adjustments to fit it properly, this will cut out 100% of the Sun glare and also will improve your focusing plus give you more shots in a outing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Non-Birding fun

Hello had a wopping 4 inches of Snow Last night compared to you guys in the Midwest that is nothing.

Kids are first this weekend, sometimes I'm out in the field taken with the Scope and the Camera yes I am guilty of this , but I do find quality time for my kids quite often ,like today on the slopes of my High School, we dusted of the old toboggan and raced down the slopes on a sheet of ICE//OUCH!!

All I can say is I am surprised no stitches were needed with the cuts me and my Son sustained!
Of course my Daughter came out unscathed.

Yes that put a detour in the time we spent on the slopes and more for the medicine cabinet.